Auszubildende an Maschine


The most important compotent of a sucessful company are contented and certified employees. From there education and advanced training is capitalised with us.

We offer a variety of perspectives in a branch with future. We promote innovative and aim-oriented thinking and action, team spirit and specialised covering skills in a pleasant sphere.

As an approved education company we offer jobs to young people for a great future perspective. Besides we trust in the passing on of knowledge by our employees who work for a long time with us. We combine traditional values with modern technology – trust in consistency. We give you this offer.


Apprenticeship in the fine work mechanic

We train finde work mechanics in the field mechanical engineering. The fine work mechanic produces single machine components or the whole system of a production and service this machines.

Fine work mechanics produce fine-mechanical devices, work pieces, assemblies for machines and complete arragements. They repair and amount them and manufacture press-, remodelling tools and steel forms.

They use computer-controlled (CNC) machine tools which are used at cutting work like rotating, milling, drilling or sharping.

Fine work mechanics program the tool machines and check the results of work by means of different measuring tools and test tools.

Duration: 3 ½ years

The education of young people is an investment in the future of our company.

What comes after the apprenticeship?

The learning process is not concluded by the end of the apprenticeship.

The key to success are constant further measures and continuing education measures. The everyday work requires a high degree of engagement and team ability as well as fun in the occupation. That is why the occupation is very diverse with the different tasks which we convert for our customers.

Offer of employment

We are proud of our responsible and competent employees because our success depends of the quality and the motivation of our team.

We search for employee who introduce themselves with pleasure actively in our company. We support you and your abilities and open perspectives for your occupational success.

This sounds great, right? When we are glad about your application.

Currently the following jobs are to be taken:

  • Engineer in the area general mechanical engineering
  • Apprenticeship as a fine work mechanic