Special mechanical engineering

Our solutions in the special mechanical engineering testify from quick perceptive facility and high professional understanding. We can coordinate all achievements exactly on each other because we take over the whole project – which guarantees not only a flawless result of working but is also exceptionally reasonable for you.

Special tasks require special machines!

A standard machine does not help you? Do you search for special solutions?

Then you are exactly right with us.

We are a small company which is specialised in the area of special mechanical engineering. Our tasks are to react of the individual customer needs with market-oriented individual manufacture as well as to produce serial parts for the car suppliers.

Besides we are always anxious to achieve quick and optimum results with the highest standard of quality.


Our main focus concentrates on manufacturing special machines!

Our special mechanical engineering stands for innovation, reliability and longevity. We develop special draughts for our customers with our experience and the necessary know-how. As an experienced mechanical engineering company we make the developed machines tailor-made on the needs.

You get everything from one source from the first concept up to the assembly and introduction: Project engineering, development, construction, manufacturing, assembly, programming, introduction, servicing and service.

We sketch and build with you together machines which do justice to your clains and needs. Our many years‘ experience allows to us to be able to come always on all needs.

We project, construct and produce customised special machines.

Specialists in their element!