Whirling technology

We manufacture and deliver whirling devices for your production tailored to your products.

With the whirling process, geometries can be produced in a spiral and that in one pass. The advantage of the whirling process is that the heat is dissipated through the chip and only short chips are produced during the process.

We deliver for the whirling technology:

  • Vortice rings and whirling tools for L3, L4 and other whirling units
  • Whirling aggregates and whirling units as standard and as special equipment
  • Adjustment tools
  • Tool holders
  • Centering vises
  • Complete whirling machines

The whirling creates a high surface quality.

We have whirling devices or peeling devices in five sizes for rotor machining. But we also manufacture devices according to your wishes.

A wide range of accessories is included in the scope of delivery – e.g. center tensioner, vortex rings, etc.

Peeling units for rotor processing


Example image MW 50


Example image MW 280
with plunger lunette


Centric guide clamping


Example image centering clamp and jaw sets

The centric guide clamps are adapted to the respective peeling unit size.

Peeling tool and tool holder, cutting plates


Example image for
peeling tool


Example image for tool holder
with cutting plate

We have the necessary peeling tools and holders with appropriate cutting plates in our delivery program.


For dimensions and performance data, please refer to the data sheet.

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