Mechanical engineering

We draw up a draught to you and construct your manufacturing arrangement by your wishes.

The high demands of our customers are a motivation for us to convert our knowledge in products that go into mass production. We manufacture components and assemblies. We offer process ability, flexibility and high loyalty of delivery for competitive prices by innovate machining concepts.

Our range of services

  • Special machines for the industry
  • Device construction / apprenticeships
  • Automatic control engineering
  • Construction by the current machine directive
  • CE or manufacturer’s explanation
  • Documentation with 3D-drawings


In the in-house construction is constructed by our designers from the device about supplies up to complicated special machines and arrangements. Therefore we have 3D workplaces available. On account of our varied team, consisting of designers and engineers, all facets can be considered at the planning and construction of your machine.

Modern CAD workplaces and the extensive experience of our employee’s trunk guarantee innovative ad practicable solutions in the special mechanical engineering. Our designers are experienced practical persons.

They develop, plan and construct tools, special machines and devices plan for your use based on their practical experiences.

Field of application:

  • Construction of drawings for spare parts
  • Make documentations of older machines and arrangements
  • Construct from devices and machines incl. layout for the processes procedure
  • 3D simulation to form the tasks by your wishes

Cut with jet of water

We cut highly exact and fast most different technical work pieces. The jet of water technology provides for clean cuts, which a post processing of the cut surfaces clearly simplified or put aside.

Cutting with the jet of water is a highly exact handling procedure and manufacturing method. Different materials and substances can be easily cut and we bring them in the desired form. We produce the desired part according to you CAD drawings (e. g. dxt-format or dwg-format).

Facts about our jet of water cut machine:

  • Cutting area: 2000 x 3000 x 150 mm
  • Repetition exactness: 0.05 mm
  • Materials: cuts all materials

Device construction

  • Assembly devices and assembly arrangements
  • Supply with Vibratory Bowl Feeders ( Rotary Feeders )
  • Welding devices
  • Test devices and measuring devices
  • Robot (kuka) for handling tasks

Did you know?

We have a press brake with strength of 80 tones.

Ideas fast move

New ideas can be transformed fast into wonderful products with the help of the SolidWorks 3D-CAD-software. We are always on the newest state by regular software updates and by annual employee’s trainings. The long-standing experience with the used software and the regular advanced trainings provide a quick and efficient construction.

Specialists in their element.